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The environment for today's communications facility is considerably more complex than ever before in history.  Our firm is uniquely positioned to assist in all areas of the industry.  Some firms provide only design capabilities, while the practice of others is limited solely to implementation.  At Markley and Associates, we have the background, experience, skill, and knowledge to seamlessly integrate all of the technical aspects of your project under one roof.  We truly can take your project from concept through construction, and beyond.


The first step is identifying and ensuring opportunities for a facility exist.  From the highest powered AM, FM, and Television facilities with the most complex antennas and arrays, to Low Power FM, Translators, and Auxiliary Facilities, we have the experience and tools to identify opportunities for expansion or new construction.  Our allocation studies have benefited AM facilities up to 200 kW in power, analog and digital television at all power levels, all FM facilities, and the specialized services under Part 74.


Since our inception, we have assisted hundreds of clients with the implementation of their concepts.  From the highest powered AM, FM, and TV facilities down to LPFM, microwave, and auxiliary facilities, we have been there to provide supervision or installation and commissioning services including antenna optimization and proofs of performance using network analyzer technology and traditional or moment method analysis in the case of AM stations.  Before the installation we were there providing design, specification, and bid assistance, applications to governmental agencies, and representation at hearings.


Our commitment doesn't just end with construction.  We continue to support our clients in both new and mature facilities through periodic RF system evaluations and adjustments, staff training and maintenance, non-ionizing radiation considerations, and other support services.  We also provide consultant services in the areas of forensic engineering, industrial accident analysis, and expert witness services to legal firms throughout the United States.


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